SBT Alliance Featured On The Edison Report

Former executives from the LED lighting and networked controls industries have launched a new technology start-up, Smarter Building Technologies Alliance, Inc. (SBT Alliance).  SBT Alliance combines three forward-thinking companies – Direct Discount Lighting (DDL), Integrated Advanced Controls (IAC), and Glued Solutions (GSI) – to provide innovative technology-based solutions that transform how energy efficiency products, services, […]

Digging Deep – Direct Discount Lighting

Welcome back. In our first post in this background series, Digging Deep, we took an in-depth look at who the Smarter Building Technologies Alliance is, what it “does”, and who it serves. In this next set of posts, we’re going to take that high-level introduction a step further and really drill into each of SBT’s […]

Digging Deep: Glued Solutions

Throughout this Digging Deep series we’ve taken an in-depth look at the Smarter Building Technologies Alliance, and its internal factories Direct Discount Lighting and Integrated Advanced Controls, and last up in this initial series is SBT factory Glued Solutions (GSI). Let’s jump in. Who is Glued Solutions? Serving the advanced networked controls industry since 2006, […]

Digging Deep: Integrated Advanced Controls

In the last post of our series, Digging Deep, we reviewed the Smarter Building Technologies Alliance factory, Direct Discount Lighting, reviewing the who, what, and how of DDL. It’s now time to shift focus and take a deeper look into how the Smarter Building Technologies Alliance supercharges our LED luminaire offering through SBT factory, Integrated […]

Digging Deep – Breaking Down the SBT Alliance

In this initial series of blog posts – what I’m calling our Digging Deep Series – I wanted to take the opportunity to offer up some more insight to the inner workings, value props, and core foundations of who the Smarter Building Technologies Alliance is, what it is we – and our internal factories Direct […]

Interesting Lighting Stats

Global smart lighting market is expected to be worth a whopping $60 billion by 2021 ($59.97 to be exact. Source: Market Research Future 2017 Report) Percentage of Commercial Building With Control Strategies: (Source: Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey, US Energy Administration, 2012) Light Scheduling 18% Occupancy Sensors 16% Multi-Level Lighting or Dimming 7% Daylight Harvesting […]

Light Fair 2018

Light Fair 2018 is upon us! The world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference.   CHICAGO PRE-CONFERENCE MAY 6-7, 2018 TRADE SHOW & CONFERENCE MAY 8-10, 2018