Digging Deep – Direct Discount Lighting

Digging Deep – Direct Discount Lighting

Welcome back. In our first post in this background series, Digging Deep, we took an in-depth look at who the Smarter Building Technologies Alliance is, what it “does”, and who it serves. In this next set of posts, we’re going to take that high-level introduction a step further and really drill into each of SBT’s factories – Direct Discount Lighting, Integrated Advanced Controls, and Glued Solutions.

First up: Direct Discount Lighting (DDL).

Who is Direct Discount Lighting?

As you learned in the post, Digging Deep – Breaking Down SBT Alliance, Direct Discount Lighting is the industry’s leading provider of cutting-edge LED luminaires and custom engineered LED specifications. But Direct Discount Lighting is far more than an online retailer of LED luminaires – I mean online retailers of, well anything, are a dime-a-dozen.

So, if Direct Discount Lighting shouldn’t be considered your typical online retailer of LED luminaires, who is DDL at its core?

Two words: Custom Engineering.

At the core of Direct Discount Lighting is a powerhouse of LED lighting technology, energy efficiency, and industry knowledge that serves as the foundation for its custom engineered line of products and services. DDL solution engineers are some of the industry’s most experienced, skillful, and creative architects of innovative lighting solutions.

This is the core of Direct Discount Lighting and what makes up the true “who” of DDL – a team of wildly experienced solutions engineers who dream up creative LED specification solutions that not only meet but exceed project requirements and expectations. Custom built solutions, for the right applications, with factory-direct pricing.

What Does DDL Really Do, Then?

So, what is it that Direct Discount Lighting really does? Well, the good news is it’s pretty easy to lay out. Let’s dig in and take a deeper look at DDL’s products and services.

Direct Discount Lighting A-LINE™ Products

As we’ve outlined in the “Who is DDL?” section of the post, Direct Discount Lighting at its core is a custom engineered solution provider, and DDL’s A-LINE™ of custom engineered solutions is the result of this creatively engineered work.

What’s a Direct Discount Lighting A-LINE™ product, you ask? Let me explain.

Let’s say you’re a building owner, or an electrical contractor, building out a new energy efficiency project to update all of the lighting in your manufacturing plant. Traditionally you’d start with an energy audit – capturing all existing luminaire types and locations – then spec out an equivalent luminaire that just so happens to be lower wattage (hence the upgrade).

Presto, energy efficiency project completed. Right?

Hm, not so fast. What if, just by chance, that “equivalent luminaire” spec isn’t the best luminaire for the application? For example, we’re working in a manufacturing plant. Manufacturing plants are dirty. The machinery creates dust and soot that coat the luminaires and depreciates the lumen output directly affecting light levels. This consequently causes 1) safety issues, and 2) increased maintenance costs as someone in the facility must continually clean/replace those dirty lights.

Sure, maybe you’re saving some money on energy-related expenses (existing watts – proposed watts = lower energy costs), but the fact you’d be replacing the fixture with a similar – if not exact – fixture, you’re not really solving the issue causing lower light levels and higher maintenance costs.

So, let’s say you agree and say, well, we should replace the existing fixtures we have with some IP69 rated fixtures, so we can hose them down to keep them clean. Great, that’s a wonderful first step, but as soon as you start researching IP69 rated LED fixtures, trying to identify the right combination of color temperature, optics, style, color – I mean the list goes on – the task ends up becoming a never-ending headache.

Enter the DDL A-LINE™ solution. Rather than sifting through the countless datasheets from hundreds of manufacturers trying to identify the exact fixture that meets your specific specification, Direct Discount Lighting solution engineers work with you right from the get-go to:

  1. CREATE the ideal specification required for the desired application and;
  2. ENGINEER the ideal LED luminaire to not only meet but exceed the application specification.

So, at the core of DDL A-LINE™ solution are two important things that a traditional retailer of LED luminaires simply can’t provide: 1) an ideal application specification for your project, and 2) a custom engineered solution that meets said specification.

Of course, there are just about an unlimited number of scenarios of applications, custom engineered solutions, and specifications, that it’s near impossible to list all of them out in any kind of coherent fashion. Suffice to say, the goal of Direct Discount Lighting’s A-LINE™ product offerings are to meet the specific requirements of any project with a superior product that outperforms expectations at a fraction of the traditional market price.

Direct Discount Lighting B-LINE™ Products

Having now run through the core of “who” Direct Discount Lighting is as exemplified by our A-LINE™ product offerings, let’s look at DDL’s B-LINE™ product offering and explore how it differs and identify the role it plays in meeting your needs for cutting-edge LED lighting technologies.

Direct Discount Lighting’s B-LINE™ product offering is aimed at delivering high-quality, ready to ship luminaires directly to you in the timeframe you need it. With a full catalog offering, DDL’s B-LINE™ solutions include some of the industry’s latest LED lighting technologies offered at factory-direct prices.

So, what’s the role of the B-LINE™ offering? I mean we did say earlier in the post that Direct Discount Lighting is more than an online retailer of LED luminaries, didn’t we?

Well, that is true – especially with our A-LINE™ product offering – but at the end of the day, we’ve all been there: You’re on a job site, or you have a hot lead that just came in for a project that needs to close and be installed within the next week and you need the product. Not three, six, or eight weeks out, but by next Tuesday. Here is where Direct Discount Lighting’s B-LINE™ offering comes in to save the day. Getting you the fixtures you need when you need them with no hassle and at factory-direct prices. Period.

Innovative, Timely, and Dependable LED Lighting Solutions

Whether you’re looking for troffers, high bays, area lights, or decorative fixtures, DDL’s B-LINE™ offering gives you the depth and breadth you need for day to day projects, while DDL’s A-LINE™ offering is your premier product offering for those larger opportunities when an application specification may be better suited than a standard “one size fits all” approach.

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