15 – 20 AMP Hospital Grade Outlet / Receptacle

15 – 20 AMP Hospital Grade Outlet / Receptacle

Receptacles Listed for hospital use are intended for installation and use in accordance with NFPA 99, the Standard for Health Care Occupancies and Article 517 of the National Electrical Code®. Listings for these receptacles can be found in the UL Online Certifications Directory at www.ul.com/ database under the Receptacles for Plugs and Attachment Plugs category (RTRT).

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All UL Listed receptacles, including hospital grade receptacles, must comply with applicable construction and performance requirements in UL 498, the Standard for Safety for Attachment Plugs and Receptacles.

In addition to complying with the general use receptacle Listing requirements, hospital grade receptacles incorporate
additional construction features and are subjected to additional performance requirements. These include grounding reliability, assembly integrity, strength and durability tests.

Hospital grade receptacles include the same markings that appear on general use receptacles, and also include “Hospital Grade” or “Hosp. Grade”, typically on the back of the receptacle where visible during installation. A Green Dot is provided on the receptacle face where it is visible after installation with a cover plate secured.


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